Works on mac and pc
Web based content management software that works on both macintosh and windows systems
Use our templates
Use our professionally designed templates
Keep track of visitors
Track visitors to your website
Email on the move
Manage and access your email from anywhere in the world via a web browser
Quantumjelly Features
Manage web pages or create new pages within your website

Add and Edit Webpages Instantly

Point and click web publishing. Update your website from anywhere, anytime. Online web publishing tools make it easy for anyone with basic computer skills to build and maintain a website without the need to hire professional help.

Photo Galleries

Share your Photos Online

Post images, artwork and photos to your website via our image gallery tool. Quantumjelly's "Flash" powered photo albums look great and are easy to use and maintain. Discover a new way to share images with friends, family and colleagues.

Manage the news section of your website

Post News and Events

Keep your site current by scheduling when news items appear and dissapear from your website. Recycle regular announcements and choose which pages feature links to your latest news.

Modify Website Maps

Create Interactive Online Maps

Place google maps on your site. Use online maps to direct people to your business, home or special event. Add markers, information and links to webpages.

Settings and Preferences

Integrated Search Engine

As soon as you publish new content to your website, it's instantly available via the search engine that is integrated into every website. The ability to search your website makes it easy for your visitors to find what they're looking.

Modify Website Skin

Professionally Designed Templates

Quantumjelly websites look good. Choose from a range of stylish templates that incorporate best practice usability and accessability standards into graphically rich designs. Change the entire look of your site at any time with just one click.

View statistics for {$sitename}

Keep Track of Visitors

Visitor Statistics help you gauge how your site is functioning. Lookup stats on a month by month basis. Find out who is visiting your website and how often.

Go to my email

Create and Manage Email Accounts and Use Webmail

When you have a domain name registered for website you can create as many email accounts as you like. Set out of office replies and forwarding addresses when you go away or create email lists for your customers, friends or special interest group. When you're on the road you can access your mail from anywhere an Internet connection exists via the Quantumjelly web-based email system.

Domain Management

Personalised Domain Names

Give your website a personal touch by assigning a domain name that relects your business name or website purpose. Make it easier for people to remember your website address by utilising a custom address such as "".

Manage my account

Manage Your Account Online

Keep track of all your account details online. Online copies of all your reciepts and payment records make it easy to track your financials. Change your payment details anytime via secure point and click interface.